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How to get healthy hair

Healthy hair looks and feels beautiful. Dyeing, styling, and other treatments can damage your hair though, causing it to gradually lose its strength and lustre. This leaves your hair looking dry and frizzy instead of healthy. Find out how to get healthy hair and you can keep your hair looking and feeling great.

Hair problems

There are a few key problems that can affect your hair and cause it to look less healthy. These include:
  • Damage
  • Dryness
  • Frizz
  • Thinness


Damage is the most obvious problem that takes healthy hair from looking beautiful to dull and weakened. The use of hair dye, bleach, relaxers and perms, and even heat styling with straighteners and curling rods can all contribute to damage which builds up over time.

Longer hair is more susceptible to damage simply because the same hair is subjected to more treatment over time compared to someone who cuts their hair more often and maintains a shorter style. This means that the longer your hair is, the less healthy it will be over time if you use any of the above treatments.

Luckily, even if your hair is snapping off there are ways to restore it to close to its former good condition and get healthy hair again. The best way to do this is to use a protein treatment like Redken Cat or Joico K-Pak Reconstructor. Both of these products contain key ingredients like protein, amino acids, and fortifiers that rebuild your hair from the inside out.

They accomplish this by repairing the protein that your hair is made of. Over time, chemical treatments and styling degrades this protein and breaks it down. At first this isn't a problem as there is plenty of protein in your hair, but as the protein continues to be damaged, the structural integrity of your hair begins to be affected.

Protein treatments patch up this damaged protein with amino acids, and contribute whole protein to reinforce the protein that is in your hair. Other ingredients like ceramide and the arginine in Redken's Cat treatment fortify the hair to lock that protein in and further prevent split ends and breakages.

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Dryness in hair is another problem which can make it look less healthy as well as contribute to frizz and breakages. A lot of the time, this dryness is a direct result of damage that has occurred to your hair. Other times though, the dryness is simply natural and a result of a lack of oil production.

In any case, both kinds of dryness can be dealt with effectively. If the dryness is related to damage though, this should be addressed first. If not, or if you've already restored your hair as much as possible, you can control the problem by using conditioning treatments.

Conditioning treatments are moisturising products that condition the hair by hydrating and nourishing it. They also detangle and can help boost elasticity. As they don't usually contain protein, or only contain small amounts of it, they can't repair damage, but they are extremely effective for the treatment of dryness and frizz.

If dryness is severe, switch your regular conditioner with a deep conditioner, apply a leave-in conditioner after towel-drying your washed hair, and follow all of this up with a small amount of an oil or hair serum. All of this will curb dryness in even the most severe cases.

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Frizz is another problem that can affect healthy hair and make it look less healthy. The condition can present naturally in certain hair types; especially if you have thick, coarse hair. It can also occur as a result of both damage and dryness though.

The best treatment for frizz is to address any underlying problem that might exist first. If your frizz isn't the result of damage or dryness however, you can also treat it symptomatically by using conditioning treatments and hair serums in much the same way as you would treat dry hair.

For overly resistant frizz that doesn't respond to less intensive treatments however, a keratin treatment is one of the best ways to smooth out frizz and get healthy hair. These treatments temporarily smooth out and straighten your hair, as well as reduce damage, for a period of 1 - 3 months by increasing the keratin content of your hair and adjusting the bonds within.

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Thinness is the last of the main common problems that can affect the health of your hair. The thinner your hair is, the more likely it will experience damage or other problems simply because there is less hair. Less hair means that breakages and split ends can dramatically affect the way your hair looks as these problems are magnified.

A lot of the time, thinness is natural, but it can also be caused by medications and malnutrition. If you have thin hair and it hasn't always been like that, it's worth investigating any medications you take with your doctor or examining your diet.

Particularly, ensure that you're getting enough protein. A vitamin or mineral deficiency will result in slow and weak hair growth, but without enough protein, you won't grow hair at all as the small amount of protein you are getting will be used for production of neurotransmitters, hormones, and the repair and maintenance of more important parts of your body instead of hair growth.

If your thin hair is natural however, there are ways you can help add more body to make it look healthier and fuller. Root lift is one of the easiest products to use and is sprayed onto the roots of your hair to add subtle hold that increases body. Other products like volumising shampoo can also help to puff your hair up a bit, as can scrunching your hair during blow drying.

Do you have a question about how to get healthy hair or need help with your own hair? Leave a comment for tailored advice...

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