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High lift color

High lift dye is different to regular dyes because it is geared towards heavier lightening power. This is what makes high lift dye useful in hairdressing, because it is a dye primarily designed to lighten your hair, thus rendering it capable of replacing bleach in some circumstances.

Bleach vs high lift dye
The choice of either using bleach or high lift dye to lighten hair is dependent on a few defining characteristics that indicate whether a high lift dye will work properly. You can lighten hair with a high lift dye if:
You have not dyed it before This includes any permanent or demi-permanent dye; especially dark colors. Previously dyed hair won't respond to further dye.
You only need to lighten your hair by a maximum of 3 - 4 levels Achieving up to 5 levels of lightening with a high lift dye is not impossible, but is unlikely depending on hair type and texture. You can expect to lighten hair 3 - 4 levels with any great certainty when using high lift dye.

Hair that is a level 5 is …