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How to dye hair blonde

With the advent of hair dye, it's become possible to change our look and style as we see fit and present ourselves however we like. Of course, with the popularity of blonde hair, it's no wonder a lot of people yearn for pale silky strands even though it can be one of the more difficult colours to both accomplish and maintain. Are you wondering how to dye hair blonde? [1] Blonde is a difficult colour to achieve Make no doubt about it, blonde hair can be a difficult colour to achieve. The problem with dyeing your hair blonde is that the process generally requires significant lightening; especially if you have darker brown hair. Many people fall into the trap of simply applying a blonde box dye and end up with orange hair. You can't dye dark hair blonde with these, nor should you. Box dyes contain weaker peroxide and less ammonia, which is good for the manufacturer as there's less chance of destroying your hair if you have no clue how to use it, but bad in th