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How to use violet shampoo

Violet shampoo is one of the best ways to keep blonde hair looking beautiful and to prevent warmth in the color. The violet tone in the shampoo combats unwanted yellow in blonde hair, neutralizing it and giving your blonde hair a cooler appearance without the warm brassiness you don't want.

What is violet shampoo?
Violet shampoo is a toning shampoo containing violet pigment. Violet itself is the complementary tone to yellow, and when both of these colors are present in your hair, a neutral tone results. Violet shampoos add violet into your blonde hair to 'tone out' visible yellow and gold tones, helping you to maintain a blonde color that isn't brassy.

Not all shampoo is equal
Violet shampoo varies widely in how concentrated it is, and even whether it is actually a pure violet tone or contains a mixture of tones. A violet shampoo that isn't as concentrated has a weaker toning effect and won't produce any results on darker blonde hair, whilst a highly concentr…