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Benefits of hair conditioner

[1] Hair conditioner, for most people, is simply a product they use straight after shampooing their hair. Other people may not even use a conditioner at all. Conditioners have a multitude of benefits for your hair though, and it's good to understand why you should use one, as well as which hair conditioner you should use. Hair conditioner benefits Hair conditioner has more uses than you may realize. If you're not using one, or you're not using the right conditioner, you're missing out on more than just detangled hair. Some of the many benefits of hair conditioners include: Softer hair Less tangling Less color fading Less frizz Better moisture retention Protection from the environment Protection from breakages Hair cuticles and conditioner The cuticles of your hair are like tiny scales that seal the hair's interior against the exterior environment. When the cuticles are closed, your hair feels smooth and soft, and it retains moistur