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How to Fix 5 Common Hair Color Mistakes

When hair coloring goes wrong, it often does so in strange ways. Green or orange hair are just some of the potential results from a bad dye job. Luckily, any hair color mistake can also be corrected with the right knowledge. Some of the most common mistakes include: Green or blue hair Over-toned hair A hair color that is too dark Orange hair Yellow hair 1. Green or Blue Hair  Green or blue hair are the result of dyeing your hair with an ash dye. In some cases when used incorrectly, the strong cool pigment in ash dyes can become very dominant. This leads to your hair turning either blue or green depending on how dark the ash dye was and what color you applied it over. The main situation where you could end up with green or blue hair is when dyeing a much lighter color darker. In this case, your hair is missing a lot of the warm base tone that is needed to balance the new color and the green or blue tone shows through completely as there is nothing to inhibit it. How to Fix It Fixing str