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Dyed blonde hair: Care and maintenance

Dyed blonde hair is beautiful, but requires special care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. It is prone to fading. dryness, frizz, and other problems that come from the lightening process used to achieve it. Your blonde hair doesn't have to look frizzy and feel dry though.

Blonde hair problems
When you dye hair blonde, especially if your hair is naturally dark, a lot of lightening is required to lift your natural pigment and take it light enough. Bleach or dye is used to achieve this lightening, but the end result is the same. Damage occurs as a side effect of the process with either method.

This damage can be superficial or structural, and the type of damage that has occurred dictates what sort of problems you can face, as well as what form of treatment is best for resolving the condition and getting your hair to a healthier state.

Dyed blonde hair can suffer from:
Rapid color lossDrynessFrizzSplit endsLoss of elasticityBreakages
Types of damage
Damage to your hair can b…

How to remove permanent hair dye

Permanent hair dye allows you to make anything from a subtle change to a more drastic transformation of the way you look, without worrying about the color washing out.

This comes at a price however. When you decide to change your hair color, you can't simply dye over it with a lighter shade in most cases because dye won't lift dye. It's fine if the new color you want is darker than your current shade, but if you want a lighter color, you need to know how to remove permanent hair dye before you can achieve this.

How permanent hair dye works
Your hair is comprised of three main structures: the medulla, cortex, and cuticles. The cortex is the inner area of the hair shaft where hair color is located, and in order for permanent dye to change the way your hair looks, dye needs to penetrate into this area.

However, this part of the hair shaft is well-protected by a layer of scale-like structures called cuticles. Cuticles seal your hair against the external environment to protect …