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How to go from black to blonde hair

[1] Going from black to blonde hair is one of the more difficult colour transformations to achieve. This is because black hair is highly pigmented and needs a specialised dyeing process to be lightened to blonde.

If you've dyed your hair to the black colour that it currently is, this complicates the process a little more. Either way, as long as your hair is in good condition, both dyed or natural black hair can be taken to a blonde colour.

NavigationIntroduction Dye process overviewAssessing hair conditionDyed black hair differences
Lightening hair Choosing bleachBleach preparationHair sectioningBleach applicationProcessingRinsingDamage repair
Toning hair Dye selectionToning dyed black hairTypes of dyeDye brandsChoosing the right shadeToner applicationRinsingAfter careColour maintenance The dye process The dye process that is required to go from black to blonde hair requires significant lightening. The amount of lift required can't be achieved with any form of dye; even high lift dye…

How to keep hair color from fading

A new hair color can look great at first, but this isn't always the case after it has been washed a few times. Over time, vibrant shades of dye begin to look dull and lose their lustre. Dark colors, and even more natural shades are also prone to fading.

If you're worried about the gradual loss of color in your new hair style, you can keep it looking great for longer by learning how to keep hair color from fading.

What causes hair color fading?
Hair color fading is primarily a result of washing your hair, but the fading process is also greatly expedited by exposure to sunlight and the use of heat styling tools like straighteners or curling rods.

You don't need to adjust the way you style your hair just to prevent fading, but the way you shampoo your hair definitely needs to be looked at in order to deal with the loss of color that occurs during washing, because this is the most important factor in how long your color will last.

Washing colored hair
Colored hair needs to be…

Shades of black hair

Black hair is the darkest hair colour possible, but that doesn't mean you can't tailor it to your own unique style. Despite being such a dark colour and popularly considered to be available in only the one shade, there are actually a few different shades of black hair, and these different colours can really create a more interesting look.

The different shades of black hair
Although the most common shade of black hair is a flat black colour that can be called black, neutral black, or natural black, there are other shades that incorporate different dark tones or are slightly softer than the traditional black shade. Some of the hair colours you could consider include:

Natural blackSoft blackBlue blackRed blackViolet black
Natural black
A natural black hair colour is completely black, with a slight propensity towards the cooler tonal family due to the strong blue tone that is present in the shade. Of course, the blue tone in this case isn't anywhere near as dominant as in a blue …

Using professional hair color

It's no secret that salon dyes are a superior product compared to box dyes. Salon hair color offers diverse shades, better lightening, longer lasting results, and a better color overall. That's why if you dye your hair at home, you should be using professional hair color if you want the best results.

Differences between salon dye and box dye
There are a few major differences between professional dye and supermarket box dye. The first, and most obvious, is that salon dye is packaged as a single tube of dye. The product doesn't show pictures of models are examples of how it is intended to work.

This is a good thing because the pictures on box dyes are unrealistic and set many people up for unintended results. The color on the box isn't the color you end up with, because final color is a result of your current hair color plus the dye that is applied. If you dye your hair regularly, you can benefit from the mindset that dye adds color, rather than changes color. The pigme…

The best toner for platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair can be a difficult colour to maintain. Dark roots are always an issue, and fading of the colour leads to yellow hair quite quickly. To keep your platinum looking great, you have to tone it properly and regularly.

This itself can be problematic because of how light the shade is. When you have platinum hair, you can't use a toner that is too dark or your hair will simply turn grey. In the worst case scenario, strong toners can even turn your hair purple or blue when applied to lighter blonde shades.

You also don't want to use a dye that will damage your hair more after you've already bleached it significantly to reach platinum. This is why semi-permanent mousses like Igora 9.5-1 are the best toners for platinum blonde hair.

What is Igora Expert mousse?
Igora is a high quality professional dye brand that produces a range of hair dyes for salon use. Their semi-permanent mousses are also used by salons, but the real benefit of this product is that it's …

Types of hair color

Hair color is one of the best ways to change your look and style. When you dye your hair, you can choose from any color of the rainbow, whether natural, or bright and fun.

Choosing the right dye is important and affects how long your color lasts, as well as how the dye is applied and used. There are several different types of hair color.

The different types of hair color
Hair dyes fall into a few different families which describe how they work and how long they last. These families, in order of how permanent they are, include:
Temporary colorSemi-permanent colorDemi-permanent colorPermanent color
Temporary hair color
Temporary dyes are the least permanent types of hair color and can be used to temporarily change the color of your hair without damage. These dyes are applied as a rinse after shampooing your hair and generally only last one wash. If your hair is porous or has been previously bleached, a temporary hair color can sometimes last longer.

To apply a temporary hair color like…

Blonde shades of hair

Blonde is a diverse hair colour, and there are blonde shades of hair to suit just about everyone. Not only can you choose from the more typical shades like beige and gold, but there are even many exciting fashion shades that are trendy and more unusual than your average hair colour.

The many shades of blonde
Blonde shades of hair fall into the regular two families of warm and cool colours. Warm blondes are built on warm tones like gold, copper, and red. Cool blondes on the other hand are built on tones like violet and blue. This means it is easy to match them to your skin tone to choose a hair colour that will look natural.

The different shades available include:
Ash blondePearl blondeNatural blondeBeige blondeGolden blondeCaramel blondeStrawberry blondeFashion shades
Warm blonde shades of hair
Warm blonde shades are best matched to warm skin tones. You can tell if you have a warm skin tone by looking at the colour of your skin if you have a keen eye. Warmer skin looks golden, peachy,…