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Deep conditioning hair

Deep conditioning hair is one of the best ways to nourish it and relieve dryness. Unlike a regular conditioner, this kind of conditioner has a thicker consistency and packs a lot more moisture for dry, stressed tresses. Using one is easy and there are many benefits to be had.

What is a deep conditioner?

Deep conditioner, as the name suggests, is a particular type of hair conditioner that moisturises the hair much more 'deeply'. This doesn't mean that it penetrates deeper into the hair, but rather that it has a stronger conditioning effect.

This stronger conditioning is achieved through a combination of beneficial vitamins, higher emollient and oil content, and a base that is better able to coat the hair and push moisture into the hair where it is needed most.

Benefits of deep conditioning hair

Deep conditioning your hair has several benefits. Primarily, it relieves dryness and is an excellent product to use directly after dyeing, bleaching, or using any other form of chemical treatment that dries out your hair.

They can also contain protein and vitamins though, making them mildly reparative when used on damaged hair, and they are much more suited to smoothing the hair shaft and relieving any frizz you may be experiencing. This tames your hair and makes it less prone to dryness and easier to style in the end.

How to use a deep conditioner

A deep conditioner is used in place of your regular conditioner after shampooing your hair. Unlike ordinary conditioner though, this treatment is left in for anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes so that it can have maximum effect and the hair has time to absorb more of the nourishing ingredients.

The exact time required for deep conditioning hair varies depending on which brand and product is being used, but there is generally no harm leaving it on for longer than directed or even overnight as long as it is rinsed from the hair eventually and not left in when styling.

If you'd like to add a little salon flair and relaxation to your treatment, you can even indulge in a hot towel treatment at home after applying your deep conditioner. To do this, hold a hand towel under hot running water and then twist to remove water before draping it over your hair and tying it up. In the interest of preventing burns though, please be careful with the water temperature on your hands and head.

As an added bonus, and to feel really special, proceed to locate the nearest significant other and direct them to massage your head and neck. Doing so relieves stress but also helps the treatment penetrate the hair due to the heat from the towel and the massaging motion against it.

After you've allowed for liberal time to unwind and for the treatment to absorb, the conditioner can now be rinsed out. Using cooler water for this helps to increase shine and seal the moisture in, leading to smoother and more beautiful results, as well as helping to further reduce frizz.

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