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Best hair colors for blue eyes

Blonde hair works well with blue eyes
If you have blue eyes, you've probably wondered which hair colors are the best match for your eyes. Matching your hair color to the rest of your features is absolutely necessary if you want to be sure it looks great, and the best hair color for blue eyes is one that emphasizes and enhances the blue tone.

Matching hair colors and features

There are a few simple rules you can follow to match most hair colors to your other features in order to determine which shades are the best hair colors for you. Your features consist of your:
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
Your skin tone and eye color are mostly unchangeable and set from a young age, whereas your hair color can be changed at whim to any shade you desire. As such, the features that you can't change determine how your hair looks in comparison. Each feature affects the other features on your body, making it important for everything to work together for the best results and for natural looking hair.

Skin tone

Your skin tone can be considered either warm or cool. Warm skin tones contain golden, peach, or earthy tones and this is what gives them their warmth. Cool tones, on the other hand, have a cool appearance that is produced from pink or blue tones. If you have blue eyes, you'll generally also have cool toned skin, but this is not always the case.
Blonde hair works well with blue eyes
Beige blonde hair [2]

Eye color

Eye color is another important factor in color matching that determines how a color looks on you. In particular, different hair colors can enhance or decrease the vibrancy of your eye color. Like skin tones, eye colors can be warm or cool. Hazel, golden, and brown eyes are all warm in tone, whilst grey, blue, and green eyes are cool toned.

Best shades of hair for blue eyes

To choose the best hair color for blue eyes, you need to choose a shade that will emphasize the blue tone in your eyes and make them look more vibrant and noticeable. As blue eyes are cool in tone, hair colors that look best will also be cool in tone.

Shades like this are usually ash in tone, but your blue eyes can also look great matched with pearl, natural, or even beige tones, as all of these have a cool element that enhances blue eyes. The best colors include:
  • Black and blue-black
  • Ash brown
  • Violet brown
  • Natural brown
  • Burgundy and mahogany
  • Ash blonde
  • Natural blonde
  • Violet blonde
  • Silver
  • Beige blonde

Ash hair colors

Ash shades of hair color contain strong blue or violet tones which produce a grayish or silvery result when hair is dyed with them. They are also the coolest shades in terms of warmth, and work best when matched with a cool skin tone as well as either green or blue eyes.

If you have a warm skin tone and blue eyes however, you should avoid ash hair colors as they will look too drab and gray in contrast to the warmth that is present in your complexion. Those with a warmer complexion will look better with a warmer hair color.

Ash brown hair[3]

Natural hair colors

Natural shades of hair color contain a dominant blue tone which leads to a neutral to slightly cool color result. For this reason, they are an excellent choice when matched with blue eyes, but don't have the same intense ash appearance of the ash shades. They will also work better with warm skin tones compared to an ash tone, whilst still enhancing the appearance of your eyes.

Mahogany and burgundy hair colors

Mahogany and burgundy shades have a noticeable violet reflect and this puts them on the cool side of tone. Whilst a mahogany shade is red-violet in appearance, a burgundy color is more of a violet or even purple shade.

The violet tone in these colors makes blue eyes stand out because violet itself is a strong cool tone. Mahogany works very well for either a warm or cool skin tone due to the red present in the shade, whilst a burgundy color is better suited to a cool skin tone. Both of these shades, as well as intense violet and red-violet fashion shades can work well for someone who is more adventurous with their hair color, making them easily some of the best hair colors for blue eyes.

Burgundy hair [4]

Blonde shades

If blonde hair is your goal, ash shades are an easy choice that works well for blue eyes. Shades of blonde that are natural, pearl, beige, or silver also work very well. Beige is a better choice to match with a warm hair color, whereas the other shades have more affinity for cool complexions.

However, a blonde hair color will generally look best only if it matches the depth of your complexion. Pale shades of blonde look better on lighter skin, whereas darker blonde shades are suited to darker skin. In general, any hair color will look best when matched to the depth of your skin because too much contrast can look odd in this regard.

Pastels and fashion shades

If you're feeling more adventurous and want an outlandish hair color that also works with your blue eyes, the best colors here are shades that have a strong cool tone. Intense violet or blue colors, as well as pastels in these tones can have a significant effect on the appearance of your blue eyes, but not everyone can successfully wear these shades.

Streaks, highlights, chunks, and ombre are some of the different methods you can use to add touches of bright or even subtle color to better match a color to your eyes. You can even use this trick with more natural hair colors, adding cool shades as highlights or in other effects to better match a warm hair color to your blue eyes.

Blue hair [5]

Copper shades

There is one last type of hair color you may consider if you have blue eyes, and that is a copper hair color. Unlike the other shades listed in this article, copper tones are better suited to a warm skin tone and eye color. However, the orange tone that produces copper shades is the complementary tone to blue, and this is why it can be matched to blue eyes.

More specifically, orange is opposite on a color wheel to blue. In effect, it produces the most intense contrast between the two tones, and this allows copper shades to be used to enhance blue eyes in an incredibly powerful way; especially if you have a warm skin tone. Like bright blue and lilac however, this contrast isn't suited to everyone. Use it to draw massive attention to your eye color as long as it works well with your skin tone.

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Do you have a question about matching your features and hair color? Want to know what the best hair color is for your blue eyes and individual skin tone? Leave a comment for tailored advice...

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