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How to use violet shampoo

Violet shampoo is one of the best ways to keep blonde hair looking beautiful and to prevent warmth from becoming too noticeable in your shade. The violet tone in the shampoo combats unwanted yellow in blonde hair, neutralizing it and giving your blonde hair a cooler appearance without the warm brassiness you don't want.

Beige blonde hair

What is violet shampoo?

Violet shampoo is a toning shampoo containing violet pigment. Violet itself is the complementary tone to yellow, and when both of these colors are present in your hair, a neutral tone results because they effectively cancel each other out. Violet shampoos add violet into your blonde hair to 'tone out' visible yellow and gold tones, helping you to maintain a blonde color that isn't brassy.

Not all shampoo is equal

Violet shampoos vary widely in how concentrated they are, and even whether specific products are a pure violet tone or actually a mixture of tones. A violet shampoo that isn't as concentrated has a weaker toning effect and won't produce any results on darker blonde hair, whilst a highly concentrated violet shampoo can turn lighter blonde shades grey or even purple.

Shampoos that contain blue pigment also exist and produce a different color result. These shampoos can be used whenever your blonde hair also contains copper or orange tones, or when you want a more silvery result as a small amount of blue color produces a more lustrous silver tone.

However, violet shampoo is the best product to tone blonde hair that is primarily showing yellow or gold tones, and this allows you to maintain a more natural beige shade when used sparingly. It can also be used more often or left in for a longer period of time to produce cooler shades like neutral or ash blonde.

Knowing the differences between these products in terms of their pigment intensity, the tones present, and other factors is paramount to finding the right product for your own individual needs. If a product is labelled as a purple shampoo or a silver shampoo it typically won't be a pure violet tone and this can be used as an indication of what to expect. It is also wise to actually look at the shampoo's colour and consistency if at all possible before buying because you should be able to get a rough idea of how strong and what tone it is to ensure it's the right pick for you.

Does your blonde hair look brassy? [2]

How often should violet shampoo be used?

Violet shampoo can be used as often as necessary, either every time you wash your hair in place of your previous shampoo or intermittently between regular shampoo uses. The main factor in how regularly you plan to use it is how much warmth is visible in your hair. If your hair is a darker blonde or especially brassy, you will generally need to use a toning shampoo more often than if you had either a lighter or cooler blonde color.

The porosity of your hair can also have an impact on toning. If you have porous hair, it is usually because the cuticle layer on the surface of the hair shaft has been damaged. This can occur for many reasons, including dyeing, lightening, styling, or the use of heat.

When hair is porous, it tends to absorb more dye, including the dye in temporary colors and toning shampoos. This means that the more porous your hair is, the more color it will absorb from the use of any toner, and you may not need to use violet shampoo as often on hair like this. Porous hair can also be more prone to fading though in which case it may be better to use a weaker shampoo but more regularly for better maintenance.

If you want subtle toning, choose violet shampoos that are milder or use the product intermittently through the week, alternating with your regular shampoo. For stronger toning, choose more vibrant shampoos and use them as often as necessary and even leave them in for up to 5 minutes before rinsing in order to really encourage toning.

How to use violet shampoo

Violet shampoo is used just like any other shampoo. The only difference is the fact that it is pigmented and will come out of the bottle having anything from a translucent violet sheen to a brooding and inky, opaque purple. 

As with any pigmented product, it needs to be applied evenly or else you will end up with uneven toning. This is a bit more straight-forward with shampoo than it is with dye, as your hair will be wet and you'll be working with your hands to apply it. Massage the required amount quickly and thoroughly into your hair and this will ensure that it is distributed all over so that you don't end up with patchiness after it tones. 

The shampoo can be rinsed out after about a minute, but it can also be left for a period of 5 - 10 minutes if necessary for stronger toning. Leaving it for a period of time like this allows it to really soak into your hair and the results will be stronger and last slightly longer before it washes back out—just be sure to follow up with a good conditioner to return any lost hydration to the hair afterwards.

Whether you should let it soak in like this depends on how intense your particular shampoo is, as well as how much toning is needed. In any case, there is no harm in leaving it in for as long as necessary or rinsing and repeating the application.

If you are dealing with very brassy hair and no amount of shampooing seems to help, you can even apply it to dry hair before showering for a much stronger effect. Do be careful if you do this however, as it is very easy to temporarily end up with an uneven color or even purple hair. Without all that water diluting down the pigment, the toning action is much more intense so a quick, even application is necessary to ensure evenness in the result.

After shampooing, rinse out all traces of the violet shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. Conditioner coats your hair and seals the color in, making it last longer. It also moisturizes your hair and cuts down on any frizz, setting your blonde hair up to look great.

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