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The best toner for platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair can be a difficult colour to maintain. Dark roots are always an issue, and fading of the colour leads to yellow hair quite quickly. To keep your platinum looking great, you have to tone it properly and regularly.

This itself can be problematic because of how light the shade is. When you have platinum hair, you can't use a toner that is too dark or your hair will simply turn grey. In the worst case scenario, strong toners can even turn your hair purple or blue when applied to lighter blonde shades.

You also don't want to use a dye that will damage your hair more after you've already bleached it significantly to reach platinum. This is why semi-permanent mousses like Igora 9.5-1 are the best toners for platinum blonde hair.

What is Igora Expert mousse?

Igora is a high quality professional dye brand that produces a range of hair dyes for salon use. Their semi-permanent mousses are also used by salons, but the real benefit of this product is that it's easy for absolutely anyone to use at home too.

The great thing about using a semi-permanent dye is that it won't cause any further damage to your hair. Very few people have hair that's naturally this light, and it's not unusual to have to bleach your hair in order to get to a platinum shade. If your hair is naturally dark, a lot of lightening can be involved.

This leaves platinum hair weaker, so it's important to avoid stressing your hair too much after the dye process by using toners that aren't damaging. Igora mousse is one such toner and because it contains a conditioning base, it will actually condition your hair while it tones.

Igora 9.5-1 mousse

Igora 9.5-1 is a pastel ash blonde shade. This is another factor that makes it the best toner for platinum blonde hair. As a pastel shade, it has just enough colour to give a perfect white or silver result without overpowering pale blonde hair.

It's also incredibly versatile because the 9.5-1 shade is produced in both dye and mousse form. If you're looking for a more permanent option, Igora Royal 9.5-1 is a permanent pastel dye. The mousse version of this shade is a non-damaging semi-permanent colour that lasts several washes.

The mousse is easy to use and won't take time out of your schedule either because it can be applied in the shower after shampooing your hair. Application is as easy as pumping the mousse into your hands and spreading it evenly through your hair. For even better results, apply it by brush. You can use a product like this every time you shampoo your hair, or only as often as needed to keep fading at bay.

Igora Viviance 9.5-1

If you need more intensive toning, another great option is Igora Viviance 9.5-1. This is the same shade found in both the mousse and Igora Royal permanent dye, but in this case, the product is a demi-permanent dye. This kind of dye is a lot less damaging than a permanent dye, but still gives long lasting results.

This product shouldn't be used as often as the mousse, as it is a more intense toner. A demi-permanent dye like this should preferably be used every few weeks to dramatically refresh your colour, whilst the mousse will keep it toned between then.

Viviance dye is used in the same way as any other dye.
Your hair should be sectioned out for even colour results, and the dye has to be mixed with double the amount of Viviance developer lotion before application (Mixing ratio 1:2). Apply the colour systematically to sections of your hair, quickly and evenly. Leave it to develop until it has toned to the desired shade and then rinse it out.

Goldwell Colorance Mousse

Goldwell Colorance is another mousse option that is just as easy to apply as Igora's mousses. Ease of application, and pastel toning options make the colour line one of the best toners for platinum blonde hair.

If you prefer your platinum hair to look white, rather than silver, Goldwell Colorance 10P is a good option for this. As this mousse is very pale, it is simpler to achieve a neutral white result and avoid over-toning. If you do prefer more of a silver or even a soft violet-silver effect, 10V is an option for this.

ISO I.Luminate 9SA

I.Luminate is a demi-permanent colour line like Igora Viviance. As with other demi-permanent dyes, this product can be used for intensive toning of platinum blonde hair with practically no damage. The tone of the 9SA shade is primarily violet, with a hint of blue to produce a soft silver tone.

Overall, the shade is very delicate and useful for producing a soft silver colour that can last several weeks before fading becomes overly evident.

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  1. What remover is best to use? I'm interested in brand available in Poland.

    1. Hi Anna,

      Remover as in dye remover? Juuce Eliminate and Vanish Color Corrector are good. I'm not sure what is available in Poland however.


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